Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Being Mean About Vision

Shawn Lovejoy suggests that church planters need to be mean about vision. This does not mean that one should treat people poorly or call them names or stone them if they do not agree with the vision for ministry that God has given to a church planter. Instead, it means protecting the vision at all costs. Some people estimate that the initial vision a church begins with is lost by year five and churches start becoming clubs instead of life saving stations.

While it is always vitally important to protect the vision at all costs by spending resources on things that are in line with the vision, by putting energy into ministry that is in line with the vision and by looking at all things the church does and does not do through the lens of vision, all this is especially important early on even before public worship.

In those early days you just want bodies for your launch team. Sometime though when someone wants to be a part of the work God has called you to lead and given you a vision for you have to say a holy "no". Again, this must be done gently: "I appreciate you interest in what God is calling us to do but as we talk I think this might not be the place for you." People will come with their own agendas, some even well meaning, but they will not be the agenda God would have for the church he has called you to plant. And there will be just plain mean, power hungry people who comes are wolves in sheep clothing.

Central to protecting the vision is prayer for wisdom, discernment and clear eyes.

In the end, you will be glad you were mean about the vision.

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shawn lovejoy said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Rob! Keep being mean!