Tuesday, May 05, 2009

GracePoint Church Leaves the Connection

Here is an interesting series of articles about a church in Kansas that left the connection of the United Methodist Church after much angst about its style and its desire to multiply itself. (It is actually two article with the link to the second article at the bottom of the first). I would not pretend to know the many issues or the complexity of the situation and I have great respect for Bishop Jones who I have heard on many occasions and who seems to "get it".

The funniest thing about this sad situation was the old retired codger who brought the church planter from GracePoint up on charges for their "Church Doesn't Suck" Campaign. Here is what the article says...

The “pushback” happened before GracePoint even sought to expand, Mr. Butts said. When GracePoint broke out its “Church Doesn’t Suck” campaign, for instance, a retired United Methodist clergy brought up Mr. Butts on charges for using the word “suck.” Another clergy member who visited GracePoint complained to conference leaders that the church was doing both infant baptisms and dedications, depending on what parents requested.

The only thing I have to say to that is "that sucks!"

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Pastor Tim said...

You are correct, that creates a low pressure area to which air flows into rapidly...it sucks!