Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Amazing Story of our New Space

Last Sunday was our first Sunday at our new space for New Season Church. We have been looking for 3 1/2 years for some 24/7 space for our church but there was either none available or we were priced out. We did not want to settle for something that was too small and hemmed us in or was out in East Cuttyhunk. And, while we trust God's mighty provisions we also realized God did not call us to be stupid so we were not going to take a lease that called $150,000 in rent for a year. So, there were many spaces we passed up.

God has opened up for us in the last four months some great space in our mission field that is 23,000 sq. ft. at a rate that is well below market rates. Throughout the whole process God provided. The rental rate is by far the lowest rate in Fredericksburg even for warehouse or big box space. And, our space is a retail space that is fully carpeted, painted, and conditioned. We are right next to a bar and pool hall and looking forward to building relationships there and introducing people to Christ. 23,000 sqa ft. is more space than we need right now so we are also opening up a thrift store. We are ready to receive donations though the store is not open yet.

Even with the ridiculously low rates, one benefit of the poor economy, we are still stepping out in faith trusting that the God to whom all the world belong who is generous will provide for us as we take this next step to live out the vision he has given us.

Please pray for us in this next step. Pray that God would use us and this building as instruments to accomplish his great purposes. Pray that we would always remember the church belongs to Christ and that the church is not brick and mortar but the church is people. Pray that the name of Jesus would be made famous.

We are also looking for some items to fill our space- partitions for our children's space, a LCD projector, round tables, a couple of plamsa tv's for our worship space and more. If you have any these items used or want to donate them to us shoot me an email.

I am looking forward to all that God will do!


BJ Olson said...

Praise God! I will be praying for you ministry. ~BJ

Robb said...

Thanks BJ! I appreciate it so much. Blessings.