Thursday, January 07, 2010


I have been sharing some ways to save time and to be good stewards of our time this new year that I have learned along the way. Like everybody else, I have not arrived but am working to not only to know such principles but put them into practice!

One way to be good stewards of our time is to delegate. This is a huge one and the hardest one for many of us (especially type A personalities). But delegation is a spiritual issue in many ways- remember Moses and his Father in Law Jethro who taught Moses how to delegate lest he burn himself out. Theologically, when we delegate we are admitting we cannot do it all and we are not God! The question when it comes to delegating is "can someone or should someone be doing what I am doing?"

Many of us don't want to let things go because we are afraid it won't get done up to our standard. But, if someone can do it 70% as good as you let it go. When we delegate and give away authority with such delegation we actually free people to use their God given gifts and talents.

I believe leaders always need to be ready to do anything they ask anybody else to do. However, I am learning more and more that the best leadership isn't the leadership that does everything but is leadership that creates opportunities for others to serve so you can focus on your strengths.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a time-saving suggestion - blog less, work more.